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Le Chat Magique

The Magic Cat

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Cats have been the protagonists of myths and legends from all over the world. Some have worshipped them, some have condemned them, and today people are idolising them again, though maybe not as fervently as the Ancient Egyptians. -The Magic Paw - Cats in World Mythology

Le Chat Magique is a community for discussing:

[+]Cat Superstitions
[+]Cats as Sacred Beings
[+]Cat Folklore, Legends, and Mythology
[+]CATS: The Musical. You are free to discuss Mistoffelees or any other cat, for that matter, that you think may have some magical powers.


001.Let's all try to get along.
002.Entries must be on topic.
003.Graphics are allowed, but just make sure to give credit if you would like to use something.